‘keep me warm one night’

In my previous post I mentioned that I purchased loom in order to get a book that came with it, the book was ‘Keep Me Warm One Night’ Early handweaving in eastern Canada by Harold B. Burnham and Dorothy K. Burnham. The book jacket describes this as a comprehensive study of traditional handweaving as it […]

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Whig Rose

Continuing with overshot, I wove two table runners (or maybe more accurately, one loooooong runner, and one table square/topper) in the Whig Rose design from A Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite Porter Davison. I used Venne organic 2/16 cotton in cream for the warp and tabby weft.  2/8 organic cotton in Brick Red was used for […]

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Third Time’s A Charm

Back when I was weaving the overshot runner (see here), I met a much more experienced weaver and I told her my tale of woe on this project.  We discussed a few possibilities and then she asked what yarn was I using for my warp, “Oh” she said, “you never use their mercerized cottons for warp, […]

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I Give Up

I decided to revisit the overshot runner project with the 2/16 mercerized cotton warp.  But instead of trying to continue on the existing warp, I decided to make a new warp and put it on another loom.  I made a shorter warp than before, only about 3 yards, using a warping board.  Since this loom […]

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Overshot Runner Part 2: Weaving

After a couple of hiccups (threading error), I have finally started weaving the runner. I have chosen a natural colour for the warp and tabby weft, and a navy for the pattern weft.  I thought this strong colour contrast would help in seeing the pattern develop, show any errors more quickly, and give a more traditional look. […]

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Overshot Runner Part 1: Warped

Now that I am familiar with the technique of overshot, I have decided to weave some more runners on my home loom. I found a draft that I like from the Leclerc Looms website. Pattern Details: 2/16 cotton for warp and tabby weft 2/8 cotton for pattern weft 30 epi 16″ wide in the reed […]

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Hot for Overshot

A weaving technique that I have wanted to learn since I began my weaving adventure is overshot.  Overshot is most often associated with beautiful woven coverlets of the 18th and 19th centuries, consisting of a white or natural background and a complex looking pattern, usually woven in a blue or red wool. This past fall, […]

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