‘keep me warm one night’

In my previous post I mentioned that I purchased loom in order to get a book that came with it, the book was ‘Keep Me Warm One Night’ Early handweaving in eastern Canada by Harold B. Burnham and Dorothy K. Burnham. The book jacket describes this as a comprehensive study of traditional handweaving as it […]

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a woolen blanket

Earlier in the summer, I purchased a loom because of a book that came with it (that’s for another post), but it also came with a stash of yarn, mostly wool. The yarn was of an unknown vintage, but the lady I purchased it from had not woven in some time (20+ years I think). […]

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linen & lace

I am a subscriber to Jane Stafford Textiles newsletter, and each newsletter if filled with photos of beautiful and tempting projects. Normally I am not tempted by kits (weaving, knitting or otherwise), but in May’s newsletter, a Lavender Lace Scarf kit woven in linen was featured. I had not yet woven with linen, and the […]

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that was longer than expected

I hadn’t planned on it being almost three months since my last post. August and September continued with the summer trend of being unseasonably warm and humid (neither of which I like), then there was Thanksgiving where I was fortunate enough to have both of our sons home for a few days. In June, our […]

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Not Much to Show

There is some knitting going on, but there isn’t much to show on that yet. There is some weaving going, but I am struggling to stay focused on it and my mind is wandering to other projects. So instead, some photos from around the property. Hope you enjoy. Cheers, Kelly

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Starry Lattice Runners

Recently finished table runners. Though these take a bit of time to weave, I do love how they turn out. They are 100% cotton and are machine wash and dry. They measure at 11″ wide by 41″ long (approximately). Cheers, Kelly

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Same Blog, New Name

Well, sort of same blog, and definitely new name. It has definitely been some time since I have posted an update on this blog. Initially it was for a good reason, I was busy. I was working full time, two kids at home, we were planning and building a new house and getting our old […]

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New House Noises

Whether a new build like ours, or a new to you home, there are noises that this new home makes that you have to become accustomed to.  But after a couple of weeks in our new home we were  surprised to be awoken by a new noise in the middle of the night.  It sounded […]

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