Summer, winter & tube tops

This past week we skyrocketed to summer with daytime temperatures reaching 30 degrees celsius, temperatures more typical for July. I am not a fan of these hot summer temperatures, and my studio is not air conditioned (yet), so weaving happens at a slower pace.

The slower pace can also be contributed to the fact that I am back to weaving Summer & Winter coverlets, a two shuttle project (which is faster than the three shuttles required for the previous towels) from Handwoven Magazine’s November/December 2011 issue. The plan is to weave two blankets, the first in navy and natural, the second in burgundy and natural (the colour in the pictures is not quite accurate).

Below is what it looks like so far:

weaving on the loom

Last summer I had the idea for tops for my yarn tubes that I could attach a label to so that the yarn was easily identifiable after its sticker was removed (and usually lost because the adhesive was no longer strong enough to stay stuck to the yarn).

Our eldest son who has a 3-D printing machine, and is quite clever with designing and writing programs, was tasked with coming up with something suitable. We went back and forth with ideas and examples before the final design. I am really happy with how they turned out.

tube tops

The stepped end allows the tops to fit a couple of different size tubes, and the hole in the top allows you to thread string through for labels (either affixing the original yarn label, or your own handwritten ones).

Happy weaving,


tulpis in the garden