that was longer than expected

I hadn’t planned on it being almost three months since my last post. August and September continued with the summer trend of being unseasonably warm and humid (neither of which I like), then there was Thanksgiving where I was fortunate enough to have both of our sons home for a few days.

In June, our eldest son was home for his birthday and mentioned he would like a new winter hat for Christmas. Now, my kids rarely ask for anything hand knit, so I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass. After he went back home, I started stash diving for suitable yarn and pattern.

In my search I came across two unfinished sweaters. Now, it is not uncommon for a knitter to have an unfinished project or two (or more), but in this case, both sweaters were in the same yarn and colourway no less (Briggs & Little Heritage in Grape). They had been packed away over three years ago when we prepared to move to our current home. One of the sweaters still had the pattern with it, Pedal Pusher by Knitspot. I had completed a fair bit of before I decided the yarn didn’t work with the pattern. The second sweater had lost its pattern, but it was a V-neck top down cardigan from Knitting Pure & Simple.

Not wanting the yarn to go to waste, and having at least a sweater quantity of it, I began the process of pulling it all out, re-skeining and washing it all, then winding it all back into cakes for knitting. I decided to knit another cardigan, this time from Cabin Fever’s Button Up Your Top Down, a tried-and-true pattern for a straight-forward cardigan.

New sweater all ready for sweater weather.

Oh, and the hat? I had decided on Bulletproof Aran Hat by Chuck Wright and knitted it Tivoli Celtic Aran Superwash, left over from a previous cardigan (that I finished). I finished the hat Thanksgiving weekend, turned out it was too small for his large head, but he took it with him when he left to give to a friend, and I never got a chance to take a photo of it.

Time to stash dive again for the another hat.

Happy knitting,