Not Fancy, Just Functional Socks

From autumn till spring (and on rainy muddy days like today), the footwear of choice for chores or gardening are my Wetland XF boots from The Original Muck Boot Company (this is not a paid endorsement or anything like that, I just love them).

Boots on and ready for work.

And my sock of choice to wear in them are my hand knitted boots knitted with Briggs & Little’s Tuffy. They are plain and tough, fit nicely in the boot, and most importantly, keep my feet warm in winter.

I start off with Kate Atherley’s pattern The Tuffy Boot Sock because it is multi-sized (women’s small to men’s large). If I knit the pattern as written for my size, I need two skeins, but I wanted to try and get away with just one. To do this, I shortened the leg length to 7 inches, next I changed the turned heel to a shadow wrap short row heel, then finished with the usual wedge toe where the remaining live stitches after shaping are grafted together with the kitchener stitch.

Ta da! One skein Tuffy boot socks.

Happy knitting,


Peony in bloom.