Same Blog, New Name

Well, sort of same blog, and definitely new name.

It has definitely been some time since I have posted an update on this blog. Initially it was for a good reason, I was busy. I was working full time, two kids at home, we were planning and building a new house and getting our old house ready for sale. I had started a second blog (what was I thinking) chronicling the construction of the new house.

As it turned out, it was all too much, and both blogs were ignored. I have now combined the two blogs into one, and blog posts will be more varied. There will still be knitting and weaving stuff, but there will also be house stuff, maybe gardening stuff, my chickens may make an appearance and then there is the dog. My husband may decide to hijack it to post something about our off-grid passive solar home that we built.

Another reason for the long pause was that I wasn’t sure people still read blogs, we have become accustomed to the quick updates on Facebook and Instagram. Many of the blogs that I followed disappeared. But I still love getting updates from my favourite bloggers, so we will see how it goes.

Below is a picture of our crabapple tree that was in full bloom last week.