New House Noises

Whether a new build like ours, or a new to you home, there are noises that this new home makes that you have to become accustomed to.  But after a couple of weeks in our new home we were  surprised to be awoken by a new noise in the middle of the night.  It sounded like some kind of motor.

When DH got up to investigate, the noise stopped.  DH got up to investigate anyway.  I heard the motor start again then stop just as quickly.  When DH returned, I asked what the noise was, he replied that he had no idea, he hadn’t heard it again.  I explained what I heard and assumed that he had found the offending item and fixed it.  Then it started again.  DH hopped out of bed again, I could hear him rummaging through a cupboard in  the bathroom next door.  I got up and joined him in the search and found the offending item.

So, what was this object that caused such disruption?


Yep, a battery operated Crest SpinBrush toothbrush that I had just unpacked that day and put in the cupboard.


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