Happy New Year!

I can’t believe another new year has started, the last one went by so fast.  Probably the reason for only one blog post last year!

A lot has happened since that post.  We sold our previous home in what can only be described as a bit of a whirlwind.  Ottawa and its surrounding areas had been experiencing record house sales and prices, and we were no exception.  We were listed for one day when we received and accepted an offer.  A lot of work goes into a house to get it ready for sale.  A lot of cleaning and editing of furniture to “stage” it for pictures, then you have to keep it that way for showings, ugh.  We had just two months to get the new house finished and move everything over, and there was a lot of stuff to move, but we got it done in the end.

While we still have some work to do inside (and a lot of landscaping outside) this is what the inside looks like now:

main room 4
Looking across room from kitchen area.
main room 2
Looking towards kitchen from living area.

Even though we built a new house, we wanted to add a bit of character to the space.  The kitchen island was a general store counter from the 1880’s.

main room 3
Looking to kitchen area from stairs.
kitchen island
Kitchen Island

The large south facing windows allow for a lot of sun to come in and heat the house, but if temperatures dip too low, a wood stove provides additional heat.  The one thing I am not really happy with in the house is the wall behind the stove, we will have to see what we can do about it next summer.

Fireplace 1
wood stove

A propane stove on a thermostat in the basement provides further back-up if required, or if we go away.

basement fireplace
basement stove

The one thing I felt was missing in our last house was a large entry to come into, with a place to sit to put on boots and shoes.  That shouldn’t be a problem here.

mudroom 1

Behind the sliding barn door above is a laundry area, followed by a bathroom.

2004-01-01 019
A place to sit.
mudroom 2
Looking into house from mud room.

The sliding barn door, the french doors above, and the pair into the pantry, were all kijiji finds from people renovating homes.  The tile in the entry was given to us by a friend, there was just enough to do the entry, laundry and bath.  The light fixture over the dining table is an antique brass fixture that we purchased years ago at an antique store and that DH rewired.  We brought it with us from our last house.

pantry 1
Doors to pantry.
pantry 2
Pantry Inside
pantry 3
Pantry Inside

The pantry is not yet finished.  More shelving is required.  The sink in the pantry was another kijiji find.  It is a Kohler sink from 40’s maybe, and is much larger and deeper than most sinks.

That is the tour for now, I hope you enjoyed it.  There will be more to come.









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