Still Weaving after 20 Years Show & Sale


The MERA Schoolhouse hosts an art exhibit every month, this month the Schoolhouse Weavers are exhibiting their craft.

As the title says, weaving has been going on at the schoolhouse for 20 years, since its inception in 1998.  While weavers have come and gone, the tradition continues.

There are many items on display, many of which are for sale.  With Mother’s Day quickly approaching next month, why not get a unique one-of-a-kind gift for mom.  And be sure to bring your appetite, as the Steady Way Community Cafe serves up delicious lunches, baked goods and coffee.

2003-12-31 003.JPG
Handwoven Dish Towels
2003-12-31 007
Floor Rug
2003-12-31 010
Floor Rug


2003-12-31 013
Table Runners
2003-12-31 009
Table Runner
2003-12-31 012
Recycled Shopping Bags
2003-12-31 018
Scarves & Wraps


2003-12-31 019
More Scarves
2003-12-31 022
Blankets & Pillow

While taking these pictures today, I got to meet this adorable kid:

2003-12-31 002

Happy weaving,


9 thoughts on “Still Weaving after 20 Years Show & Sale

  1. Kerry was asking, how made the rugs? Of course, we have expert weavers doing Overshot and Shadow weave, etc. LL

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  2. Hi Kerry – I’m glad you love the rugs. Good news, 3 of the 4 rugs are for sale. They are woven by Leslie Manley (Golds and brun colours), Ellen Good (above the piano) and Ankaret Dean (multi colours) one.

  3. All but one of the overshot runners are made by me, as well as a towel and scarf. The items on display represent about 8 of the members. A diverse and talented group.

  4. Kelly, great job promoting the Mera weavers. The exhibit is worth seeing for sure. I know the public will enjoy a special trip to McDonald’s corner to see our hard work. Enjoy it with a Cappucino!

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