And So It Begins

A couple of years ago my husband and I began thinking about a move back to the country.  We live in a quiet rural subdivision with a large 2+ acre lot close to schools, a hospital and shopping – perfect for raising two little boys who were then just 3 and 5 years of age.

But as our sons entered high school, and with the reality that they would eventually leave home, we thought a change might be good for us as well.  A small acreage with room for sheep, chickens and a studio/shop for yarns and my handwoven items seemed liked a good idea, and the search was on for the perfect property.

There was a small list of criteria that had to be met, namely commuting distance to work, and though wanting to be rural, we didn’t want to be in an area where we felt isolated.  Searching real estate listings on-line, we found one that sounded promising, located outside of McDonalds Corners in the beautiful Lanark Highlands.  With address in hand and permission to walk the property, we headed out.  The instant I saw it, I was in love, it was perfect.  We walked silently through the fields and down to the cedar bush where a creek runs through, its burbling almost lulling us to sleep as we sat and listened.  After a while my husband asked “well?”, wondering what I thought of the property, I answered back with the same question, hoping he liked as much as I did, and he did.

After some negotiating back and forth, we had our dream property.

2004-01-01 009


7th Concession 003


One thought on “And So It Begins

  1. Very joyful! I’m so happy for you Kelly and Robin. I can hear the birds singing, the intoxicating scent of the conifers, the brook babbling etc. Lol

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