Note to self……

…..make notes.

Over the course of the last week, I had been weaving a scarf.  The scarf had no intended recipient, wasn’t planned for a particular event, it was just something to weave and enjoy while doing it.  And it was.

I had been thumbing through some back issues of Handwoven, March/April 2012 to be more exact, when I came upon the project Paper Spot scarves.  I had the right  yarn, 2/8 Tencel, and thought it might be fun.

I carefully wound a warp and put it on the loom.  I threaded the heddles and slayed the reed, then tied it all firmly to the front apron rod.  I took the magazine and read the instructions to start:  Spread the warp……weave 2 pattern picks and hemstitch……weave the scarf.  I put the magazine aside.

So, I spread the warp with scrap yarn, I wove two pattern picks (tabby in this case), hemstitched, wove two more tabby picks because I liked the look, and then wove, and wove, and wove.  I finished weaving on Sunday, just before it was time to make dinner.  Great!  I will cut it off the loom and get it ready for hemstitching that evening.  A half hour later, in the middle of dinner preparations, ugh!  I had forgotten all about the tabby picks and hemstitching I had done at the beginning, too late now.  I went ahead and twisted the fringe, washed and dried the scarf (it is amazing how Tencel changes after washing and drying) and gave it a good pressing.  And it doesn’t look half bad.  I may decide to cut off the fringe (oh, all that work) and join the two ends to make an infinity scarf instead (to hide the errors of my way).  A simple note, tacked to the front of the loom, would have been enough to remind me of the finishing for the end of the scarf (writing this blog post has probably cemented it for me), but for now, I give you the scarf:


Paper Spot Scarf (2)

Happy weaving,