More Scarves

Apparently I was not quite done weaving the crackle scarves, or sampling the orlec, and put on another warp for another two scarves.

This time I chose to do both in the same colour, but two different lengths (on purpose this time), one is about 77″ and the other 107″, not including the fringe.  Despite my concern in the previous post about the scarf being too long, it turns out that people really liked the extra long scarf.  Another surprise is the orlec.  Knitters in my sit ‘n knit group were surprised to find out it was acrylic, not cotton like they thought.

snakeskin scarf 048

Short Scarf

snakeskin scarf 043

Long Scarf

I think I will take a break from the crackle weave and try something else, but I would like to see how they would look in tencel, or silk, or…..

Happy weaving,


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