How Long is Too Long?

When planning the warp for the snakeskin scarf from my previous post, I decided to put enough on for a second scarf.  The draft from the magazine was for one scarf.  Easy enough, double everything and add a little for “just in case”.

As I wove the first scarf, I pinned a tape measure to it, carefully measuring my progress.  The instructions read to weave for 74″.  I stopped at 73″ because I wanted to stop on the last pick of the draft.  I advanced the warp to leave enough unwoven for the fringes, encountered a bit of a problem, and decided to cut the first scarf off the loom and retie the remaining warp back on.

Since I was certain my math was correct, I didn’t bother measuring as I wove, my main concern was that I might run short because of this unexpected hiccup, but remembering that I added a bit in the beginning for “just in case”.

So, what does all of this have to do with the heading above?  Well, after washing, drying and pressing, my scarf came out at a little over 108″!  And that does not include the fringe!  So while I am happy that my scarf did not come out too short, did it come out too long?  And while the first scarf would be considered a clothing accessory, is this one a statement piece?

snakeskin scarf 012

Whatever you might call it, I am still happy with the outcome.  Now, to work on my math skills.

Happy weaving,


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