Hot for Overshot

A weaving technique that I have wanted to learn since I began my weaving adventure is overshot.  Overshot is most often associated with beautiful woven coverlets of the 18th and 19th centuries, consisting of a white or natural background and a complex looking pattern, usually woven in a blue or red wool.

This past fall, I finally had the opportunity to try my hand at this technique at MERA, as a group of us wanted to learn/explore this structure more.  We settled on the project we wanted to do (in this case a runner), warped a loom, then we each had our turn weaving. Even though we all did the same runner, it was so much fun to see how each differed, based on the yarns used, and share what we learned.

The warp was a mystery yarn in the stash, probably cotton, in a 2/8 weight.  My weft yarn is 2/8 cotton, doubled.  Others used a boucle type yarn, or doubled 2/8 with more than one colour.

I absolutely love this technique, and can’t wait to set-up my home loom for more overshot projects.

Runner in progress on loom:

overshot 001


Finished runner:

Overshot 011


Overshot 012


Underside of runner, hand-stitched hem:

Overshot 017


Happy weaving,


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