Hot for Overshot

A weaving technique that I have wanted to learn since I began my weaving adventure is overshot.  Overshot is most often associated with beautiful woven coverlets of the 18th and 19th centuries, consisting of a white or natural background and a complex looking pattern, usually woven in a blue or red wool.

This past fall, I finally had the opportunity to try my hand at this technique at MERA, as a group of us wanted to learn/explore this structure more.  We settled on the project we wanted to do (in this case a runner), warped a loom, then we each had our turn weaving. Even though we all did the same runner, it was so much fun to see how each differed, based on the yarns used, and share what we learned.

The warp was a mystery yarn in the stash, probably cotton, in a 2/8 weight.  My weft yarn is 2/8 cotton, doubled.  Others used a boucle type yarn, or doubled 2/8 with more than one colour.

I absolutely love this technique, and can’t wait to set-up my home loom for more overshot projects.

Runner in progress on loom:

overshot 001


Finished runner:

Overshot 011


Overshot 012


Underside of runner, hand-stitched hem:

Overshot 017


Happy weaving,


More Silk

We have just received more silk yarns from Handmaiden!


Sea Lace, 70% Silk/30% Seacell, 775m/100g




Marrakesh, 70% Silk/30% Baby Camel, 700m/100g

Swiss Silk, 100% Silk, 400m/100g

Happy knitting,





Happy New Year

It’s another new year, and for a lot of us it usually means new resolutions.  Mine?  To try and blog more often (again).  I can’t believe the last time I blogged something was August!

In September, I was once again a vendor at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum’s Fibrefest.  Wish I had pictures to show you, but it was a great and crazy weekend, and could not have done it without the assistance of my dear friend Niki.

Another resolution, and probably easier to keep, is to weave more.   Every week I get-together with a wonderful group of weavers at MERA, who graciously share their wealth of weaving information.  We recently finished a group project on weaving overshot, I hope to post a picture of my finished runner soon.

This resolution will also be easier to keep as I am now stocking Venne Organic Cotton from Holland.  Venne Organic Cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and is available on 100 gr cones in 25 colors. Although the price of this yarn is high by cotton standards, what it represents, is a collective effort to improve our planet.  This will be on our website soon.

Organic Cotton 006

And my last (and most important) resolution is to spend more time with my family.  They do not get mentioned here much, but there is a wonderful, supportive husband who helps make all this possible, and two wonderful teenage boys’.  The oldest will be off to university in September, and the baby will be 16 next week (while very cliche, it does seem just like yesterday that we brought them home from the hospital).

Whatever your goals or resolutions for 2015 may be, I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015 and I look forward to sharing mine here with you.