A Shetland Wool Blanket

Recently, after seeing this blanket, I was asked by a friend if I would weave a blanket with wool from her own Shetland sheep, which they have processed locally at Hidden Touch Yarns.  I immediately said yes, and then wondered what I got myself into.  My weaving to date has been for myself.  No deadlines, no worries about mistakes, this would be different.

Some of the gals,

Snyder 013

and the boys.

Snyder 007


All of her yarn was one colour, natural.  Although I could weave a blanket in just the one colour, we thought it would be nice to introduce a second colour, still using her wool.  With the help of our friend Janice Lever of Windblest Farm, we set about dyeing some skeins of yarn.  We ended up with 4 skeins dyed in a beautiful deep burgandy colour.

Natural and dyed yarn:

Shetland Wool Blanket 004


Now that I had the yarn, what exactly was I going to weave?  I had an unlimited supply of the natural coloured wool, but just 800 metres of the dyed.  I looked through my books and magazines, and then finally stumbled upon this:

Shetland Wool Blanket 020

which led me to this:

Shetland Wool Blanket 018

They are shepherds, perfect!

This is my interpretation of the draft.


Finished Blanket

Finished Blanket

fringe detail

fringe detail

a cozy blanket

a cozy blanket


I hope she likes it.

Happy weaving,


ETA:  Want to weave your own blanket using this wool?  It is available from Forest Row Farm.  Message me with your contact information and I will be happy to forward it on.