twisting, twisting, twisting…

…and more twisting.  The bronson lace scarf was probably cut off the loom two weeks ago (or does it just seem that way), but has taken me this long to show the finished result because of all the fringe twisting required.  To be fair, this probably isn’t a big job for a more experienced weaver, I’m sure they do it in the blink of an eye.  Part of the problem was that I was doing it at the kitchen table, so for every meal, I had to move it.  I found it to be a long and tedious job, so I would get up, stretch my legs, get a coffee, check e-mails, you get the idea.  There are a total of 226 fringes that are made up of 6 threads each.  Each bundle of 6 threads is divided in half then twisted using a fringe twister, the two groups are then put back together and twisted again, in the opposite direction.  The finished look is worth all the time and effort.

twisted fringe

twisted fringe


fringe twister

fringe twister








Lessons I learned on this project:

– when you get on a roll, don’t stop

– when things are not going well, stop and walk away

– a fringe twister is a handy device

– a husband who will make me a better one is handier

– tencel feels like cardboard straight off the loom

– tencel is soft and drapey once washed

– a good pressing makes everything look better


Happy weaving,



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