WIP Wednesday

Finally making progress on my Escher Socks.  The first sock is now complete and I have cast-on for the second sock, just in time for Pints ‘n Purls this evening.   I hope this doesn’t slow my progress down too much, it wouldn’t be the first time I will have had to rip out some knitting after after spending an evening in a dimly lit pub, enjoying a pint of the Ashton Pub’s finest with a great group of knitters and friends.


Escher Sock

Escher Sock


The slow progress was due in part to this…

The Great Wall of Yarn

The Great Wall of Yarn

inventory, and I had to count it, and this is by no means all of it.  It took three days to count it all, this included reorganizing some of it, fondling it, and taking time to look at all the wonderful books and patterns.   We have some great deals on yarn on our web page, please check them out so I can spend less time counting next year:)

Happy knitting,




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