S is for Saturday, Spindles and Spinning

This past Saturday we held our very first beginner spindling workshop, and it was great fun.  The workshop was taught by Judy Kavanagh, an accomplished spinner, who not only supplied the spindles but made them as well! 

Nancy and Gwen are learning how the spindle creates twist.



Judy explaining staple length.




Getting ready to join fleece to the leader.




Judy admiring Anne’s Golding spindles.




Poetry in motion.




Learning to ply.




Using a niddy noddy.


Anne, Sarah, Gwen, Judy (instructor) and Nancy showing off their mornings achievement.  Well done ladies! 

 Oh, and did I mention I bought one of Judy’s exquisite spindles?  Here is my new spindle, the whorl is made of both purpleheart and yellowheart, the shaft is made of ebony.  Beautiful!  I am spinning BFL & Silk in Botanical from Sweet Georgia.

It was a great morning and I look forward to doing it again

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