You’re Never Too Old to Learn Something New (or the day I fell in love with a Russian)

 I LOVE knitting, but I’m not a big fan of finishing, and because of that I tend to pick projects/yarns that require minimal effort in that department (socks, shawls, yarns that can be spit-spliced, that type of thing).   So when Hand Maiden’s Flaxen came in, I was in a bit of a quandry.  I knew I had to knit with it, but I wouldn’t be able to use my usual spit-splice method for joining in a new skein of yarn.

I had heard of  a technique called a Russian join, used for  joining two skeins, but I had never seen it done, until about a week ago.   There was Michelle, using this technique on a baby blanket she was knitting with a bamboo yarn.  I watched in amazement.  This was just what I needed. 

With my new knowledge, I started Violetta by Ilga Lega with the Flaxen.  I completed the back with one skein, with some to spare,  so with the remaining I started the front  knowing I would have to join in a new skein.

The ends waiting to be joined

The ends overlapped:

The join completed:

I love my new Russian (join) and I expect we’ll be together for a long time.

Eye Candy

In preparation for the Red Bird Knits Trunk Show that we will have from April 17 – May 1, I have brought in 25 colours from Louet in their Gems fingering yarn.  Have a look: